Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas

Try these zero-dollar DIY Halloween outdoor decor ideas to give your yard, patio, or porch a spooktacular makeover on a budget!

Preparing homes for Halloween is fun but costly too. Fortunately, with these Zero-Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas, you can turn your space into a haunted site inexpensively.

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Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas

If you don’t have any of the below stuff handy, visit the nearest dollar store, thrift store, or free store to get the stuff cheap or even for free.

1. Person Under Garage Door

Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas1

All you need is old clothes, shoes, tomato sauce, straw, and newspapers for filling to create this gruesome scene outside your garage.

2. Duct Tape Spider Web

Using duct tape for creating a faux spiderweb on the patio floor is a genius and a super cheap outdoor Halloween decor idea to amp up the spookiness.

3. Red “IT” Balloon

Red "IT" Balloon

Spice up your outdoor Halloween decorations by tying a single red balloon to the sewer grate that frightens your neighbors and passersby alike. This uncanny visual is inspired by the popular horror movie “It.”

4. Blood Dripped Halloween Candles

Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas2

Line up your front walk or porch steps with these easy-to-make bloodthirsty candles. This decor makes trick-or-treaters think twice before entering your home.

5. Hanging Foam Bats

Hanging Foam Bats

Nothing will be more whimsical than these simple and economical hanging foam bats. You’ll need a fish line, black craft foam, googly eyes, and this DIY.

6. DIY Colorful Mason Jar Luminaries

If you happen to have old mason jars, turn them into fun and colorful Halloween decor with some paint, scary faces, and tea lights or candles.

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7. Spiderweb Wine Bottle

Amplify your porch or patio festive ambiance with this painted spider web wine bottle. It’s one of the best zero-dollar DIY Halloween outdoor decor ideas on this list.

8. DIY Tin Can Ghost Windsock

DIY Tin Can Ghost Windsock

Recycle your leftover kitchen tin cans into something cute and less scary Halloween decor like this tin can ghost windsock and hang them in the garden. Follow this DIY to make one for yourself.

9. DIY Cereal Box Tombstones

Instead of discarding the useless empty cereal boxes, DIY cheap and uncanny tombstones out of them to get a true graveyard appeal.

10. Halloween Ghost Milk Jugs

Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas3

Put those empty milk jugs to good use by turning them into cute ghosts. Arrange them strategically along the pathway or next to the front door to greet the trick-or-treaters.

11. Paper Spiderweb

All you want is black paper, scissors, a pencil, and this video tutorial to DIY an adorable paper spiderweb with a little clinging spider. Add this stuff to the porch wall to celebrate the festive spirit.

12. Stenciled Halloween Doormat

Stenciled Halloween Doormat

If you have a plain old doormat, painter’s tape, and black paint lying around, then making this not-so-scary stenciled Halloween doormat will cost you nothing. Read more here.

13. DIY Halloween Outdoor Floating Ghosts

Gear up your yard with these conversation-starting, wicked floating ghosts that make your neighbors and guests admire your creativity.

14. DIY Spooky Halloween Candles

DIY Spooky Halloween Candles

Anyone who owns a printer and a blow dryer can easily pull off these inexpensive, eerie, and sophisticated Halloween candles. Place them strategically around your patio or porch to induce festive vibes.

15. Halloween Candle Holders

You don’t have to visit any store to DIY these spooky candleholders because all you need is some old wine bottles, candlesticks, and other basic craft supplies to elevate the scary ambiance of your outdoor Halloween setup.

16. Wine Bottle Ghost

Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas4

To start this amazing Halloween project, stuff pieces of newspaper in a white cloth, attach a pair of googly eyes, and bind it to the head of the wine bottle with a thread to complete the look.

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17. DIY SpiderWeb Balloon

Watch this video tutorial to make a whimsical 3D spiderweb out of a balloon, glue, and yarn with a few simple steps. Hang it from the tree or the porch ceiling to attract a lot of eyeballs.

18. DIY Spiderweb Doormat

Show off your DIYing skills by crafting this spooky spiderweb doormat to complement your Halloween decor. It’s perhaps one of the best zero-dollar DIY Halloween outdoor decor ideas to date.

19. DIY Halloween Spiderweb

DIY Halloween Spiderweb

To spice up the creep factor of your outdoor decor, DIY this whimsical spiderweb on the front door with black yarn, scotch tape, and scissors.

20. Paper Plate Halloween Ghosts

Perfect for hanging outside, these super cheap and silly-looking Halloween ghosts are crafted from paper plates and other basic supplies.

21. Halloween Tin Can Lanterns

Upcycle a couple of empty tin cans into creepy and unwelcoming, illuminating tin cans for the sake of the Halloween spirit. Place them on the porch steps, walkways, or any empty outdoor space.

22. DIY Paper Bag Luminaries

Transform regular paper bags into eye-catchy luminaries to add a festive flair to your outdoor Halloween decor.

23. Pine Cone Spiders

Pine Cone Spiders

Gather some pine cones from your backyard, a couple of googly eyes, and pipe cleaners to DIY these lovable pine cone spiders to spruce up your outdoor Halloween decor in a jiffy.

24. DIY Giant Spider Web

Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas5

DIY this spooktastic giant spider web out of clotheslines to create a thrilling Halloween experience for your neighbors and guests. Adding a spider is entirely optional.

25. Pineapple Jack-O’-Lantern

Get bored of sculpting pumpkins for Halloween, try your hands on pineapples to carve eerie and silly jack-o’-lanterns. The end result is quite satisfying and worth the effort.

26. Ghost Leaf Bags

Ghost Leaf Bags

Made with white garbage bags and leaves, these funny ghost leaf bags will be a unique outdoor decor to try out this Halloween season.

27. DIY Trash Bag Halloween Spider

Hang this ominous-looking giant spider made out of trash bags outside your house to create a spine-chilling visual for the neighborhood kids.

28. Trash Bag Spider Webs

With just a few trash bags, you can DIY a boatload of spider webs to make your porch the spookiest place in the community on a budget.

29. Bloody Footprints

Bloody Footprints

Make these sinister-looking bloody footprints on the porch floor by placing your bare feet into red washable paint and then walk towards the front door from the steps.

30. DIY Bloody Hand Prints

Zero Dollar DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas6

Give a wicked makeover to your front door by creating bloody handprints, a few splashes of blood drops, and a “Help” sign that is enough to send chills down the spine.

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