30 Best Hallway Decor Ideas You Must Try to Elevate Your Space

Take your interior designing game to a whole new level with these classy and appealing Hallway Decor Ideas!

Check out these amazing Hallway Decor IdeasĀ to make your corridor welcoming, visually appealing, and full of personality.

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Hallway Decor Ideas

1. Floating Shelves, Mirror, and Planter

Hallway Decor Ideas 1

Turn your monotonous corridor into a sight to behold with ledge-like floating shelves, a round mirror, a planter, and an old chair.

2. Use White Paper LanternsHallway Decor Ideas 2

Hang a few white paper lanterns from the ceiling to make the compact passageway a lovely and attractive place.

3. Artwork, Pendant Light, and Area Rug

Hallway Decor Ideas 3

Featuring a pendant light, fantastic artworks, and a vintage runner rug, it’s one of the best hallway decor ideas to take inspiration from.

4. Decorate with Plants

Hallway Decor Ideas 4

If you have a big hallway, create a mini indoor garden with hanging planters to liven up the space with greenery.

5. Narrow Hallway With Ornate Mirror

Hallway Decor Ideas 5

This corridor has a large wooden artwork, an ornate gold chandelier dripping with pearls, and a stylish mirror at the end.

6. For a Pop of Color

Hallway Decor Ideas 6

Bring a pop of color to your boring passageway using a console table with a mint green top. Further, add a chic lamp and portraits to the setup for an added appeal.

7. A Blue and White Corridor

Hallway Decor Ideas 7

Modify your dull corridor with a stunning navy runner, a blue scarf-turned wall tapestry, and a planter on a side table.

8. Go with Striped Wallpaper!

Hallway Decor Ideas 8

Striped wallpaper is an easy and inexpensive way to beautify any ugly hallway without consuming valuable space.

9. Black Shiplap Wall, Stripe Runner, & Red Vintage Barn Pendants

Hallway Decor Ideas 9

To refresh your corridor, adorn it with black shiplap, colorful runner, red vintage barn light pendants, and an antique wooden chair.

10. Display Collectibles

Hallway Decor Ideas 10

If you have a collection of vintage suitcases or other collectibles, use them creatively in the hallway to create a fantastic display.

11. Parisian-inspired Hallway

Hallway Decor Ideas 11

Spread French charm in your passageway with a multicolored checkered runner, bloom-filled vase, a narrow white-hued console table, and framed art.

12. A Mirror Wall!

Hallway Decor Ideas 12

Give your corridor an attractive focal point by mounting an assortment of mirrors in quaint frames on the wall.

13. A Round Mirror And Narrow Console Table

Hallway Decor Ideas 13

Consider a round mirror, a narrow console table, and a giant snake plant to create a hallway decor setup worth observing.

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14. Minimalistic Hallway Decor Idea

Hallway Decor Ideas 14

Use a snazzy rug to add personality, color, and texture to your less-spacious corridor. It’s an easy, minimal, and inexpensive decor idea.

15. Choose a Demilune Table

Hallway Decor Ideas 15

Place a demilune table with a crescent design in your hallway for the much-needed charm. Adorn its top with some decorative pieces and a few artworks on the wall for the extra oomph.

16. Add a Picture Ledge

Hallway Decor Ideas 16

Install a picture ledge below the gallery wall to transform your drab hallway appearance. Besides photos, you can show off trinkets and meaningful souvenirs on the ledge.

17. A Gallery Wall of Family Photos

Hallway Decor Ideas 17

Create a gallery wall featuring family portraits to give your passageway a personalized touch. Use different-sized frames for an amazing look.

18. Coastal-Inspired Hallway Decor

Hallway Decor Ideas 18

Fill your corridor with coastal glam by decking up the space with shiplap, striped benches, and large boat-themed artworks.

19. Stenciled Hallway

Hallway Decor Ideas 19

Instead of using wallpapers and paint, prettify your hallway by stenciling its wall using this tutorial. It’s one of the cheapest hallway decor ideas on this list.

20. Attention-Grabbing Corridor Decor Idea

Attention-Grabbing Corridor Decor Idea

Rather than making a simple gallery wall in your passageway, show off your family photographs with style using this decor idea.

21. Introduce a Comfy Bench

Introduce a Comfy Bench

Add some pizzazz to your stark hallway by introducing this cute, comfy bench. Click here to make one for yourself.

22. Botanical Wall Coverings

Botanical Wall Coverings

Deck up your monotonous foyer with fancy peel and stick botanical wallpapers that’ll attract a lot of eyeballs.

23. Try a Long Floor Mirror

Try a Long Floor Mirror

Adorn your spacious corridor with a long floor mirror and a soft boucle chair to get a classic look and appeal.

24. Add Accessories

Add Accessories

To mimic this eye-catching decor, accessorize your passageway with a snake plant, hat, bags, a unique plant stand, and a faux animal fur rug.

25. Use a Storage Ladder

Use a Storage Ladder

Are you looking for a renter-friendly hallway decorating idea? Simply grab a storage ladder to showcase your favorite souvenirs, artworks, books, plants, and tiny sculptures.

26. Create a Mini Makeup Junction

Create a Mini Makeup Junction

Set up a vanity table in the corridor to create a functional and attractive nook. It also doubles up as a home office desk.

27. Display a Chic Statement Piece

Display a Chic Statement Piece

Mounting a conversation-starting piece of art at the end of the passageway is an easy way to amp up the aesthetic appeal.

28. Use a Luxe Chandelier

Use a Luxe Chandelier

Hang a giant luxe chandelier from the corridor ceiling to create a statement-making decor. It’s one of the most amazing hallway decor ideas.

29. Distressed Furniture, Vintage Artwork, and Planter

Distressed Furniture, Vintage Artwork, and Planter

Do you love all things vintage? If yes, this decor idea showcasing distressed furniture, an old painting, a brassy candle holder, and a planter is for you.

30. Choose a Stylish Coral Shade

Choose a Stylish Coral Shade

Sometimes a few modifications give wonderful results, like this hallway in which the walls are painted muted coral shade complemented with white floorboards.

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