23 Best Indoor Vines and Climbers You Can Grow

Check out this exclusive list of Best Indoor Vines and Climbers to add some green glamor with the beautiful trailing plants!

Climbing green specimens not only add drama and interest to the space but also offers a stunning display of spectacular leaves and flowers. Here are some of the Best Indoor Vines and Climbers you can grow.

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Best Indoor Vines and Climbers

1. Forest Cactus

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 1

Botanical Name- Lepismium bolivianum

Endemic to the Bolivian forest, this low-maintenance, spineless cactus has thick and spilling stems. It also offers beautiful white and pink flowers.

2. Rex Begonia Vine

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 2

Botanical Name- Cissus discolor

Rex begonia vine is an exotic climbing variety, thanks to its showy heart-shaped foliage with red, white, and green hues.

3. Pilea

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 3

Botanical Name- Pilea

Add interest and charm to your home decor by growing plants from the pilea genus, like gray baby tears, creeping charlie, and baby tears.

4. String of Nickels

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 4

Botanical Name- Dischidia nummularia

The nickel-shaped fleshy leaves make this stunning succulent a great houseplant. It’s one of the best indoor vines and climbers.

5. Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 5

Botanical Name- Thunbergia alata

The black-eyed Susan vine is a tropical perennial or annual flowering vine that you can easily grow indoors. It loves well-draining soil, rich in organic matter.

6. Inch Plant

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 6

Botanical Name- Tradescantia zebrina

Popular as “Wandering Jew” or “Purpleheart,” the inch plant has variegated striped leaves with purple undersides.

7. Green Coins

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 7
shutterstock/Creative by Nature

Botanical Name- Peperomia ‘Pepperspot’

Featuring glossy green leaves and red-brown intertwined stems, this peperomia variety admires bright but indirect light.

8. Wax Ivy

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 8

Botanical Name- Senecio macroglossus

Native to South Africa, this evergreen climber rewards with variegated, waxy triangular foliage and daisy-like blooms. Do not overwater this plant to prevent root rot and diseases.

9. Swiss Cheese Plant

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 9

Botanical Name- Monstera adansonii

Fill your bedroom with tropical vibes by growing this stunning monstera variety with perforated leaves.

10. Heartleaf Philodendron

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 10
shutterstock/Zuzana Habekova

Botanical Name- Philodendron hederaceum

This philodendron species, with heart-shaped leaves, is forgiving in nature. Grow its variegated cultivars like ‘brasil’ or ‘micans’ to stylize your boring living space.

11. Creeping Fig

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 11

Botanical Name- Ficus pumila

Gardening enthusiasts love the creeping fig for its striking small, leathery variegated leaves. It looks great in hanging baskets.

12. Grape Ivy

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 12

Botanical Name- Cissus rhombifolia

The grape ivy is an exotic indoor plant that grows well in indirect bright light. Avoid overwatering this green specimen at all costs.

13. Jasmine

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 13

Botanical Name- Jasminum

Jasmine is another fantastic option to grow indoors. Make a small trellis and let this fragrant vine climb to create a beautiful display.

14. Hoya


Botanical Name- Hoya spp

Grow hoya indoors to give your space an Instagram-worthy focal point. There are many beautiful varieties to choose from.

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15. English Ivy

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 15

Botanical Name- Hedera helix

This low-demanding and easy-to-grow vine love the bright, indirect sun when grown indoors. It’s one of the most amazing indoor vines and climbers on this list.

16. Kangaroo Vine

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 16

Botanical Name- Cissus antarctica

Indigenous to Australia, the kangaroo vine is a dense climber with shiny, dark green serrated leaves. It can’t tolerate full sun.

17. Teddy Bear Vine

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 17

Botanical Name- Cyanotis kewensis

Amp up the look of your monotonous home with this teddy bear vine that displays hairy, lance-shaped, chocolate-brown leaves. It can easily tolerate direct sun.

18. Betel Leaf Plant

Best Indoor Vines and Climbers 18

Botanical Name- Piper betle

Grow this betel leaf vine to enjoy the look of its lush, glossy heart-shaped leaves. Furthermore, its leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties as well.

19. String of Pearls

String of Pearls
shutterstock/Creative by Nature

Botanical Name- Senecio rowleyanus

The string of pearls is a gorgeous vining succulent with tiny pea-shaped leaves. This plant can grow indoors in a sunny window.

20. Pothos

shutterstock/Milan Jordan

Botanical Name- Epipremnum aureum

Pothos is an undemanding trailing houseplant that thrives in bright, indirect light as well as low light. This plant is toxic to dogs and cats.

21. Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant

Botanical Name- Syngonium podophyllum

The arrowhead plant is adorned with stunning arrow-shaped foliage and silvery variegation. It prefers bright light but hates the direct sun.

22. Monstera Peru

Monstera Peru
shutterstock/witita leelasutanon

Botanical Name- Monstera karstenianum

Popular for its unique textured glossy foliage, this fast-growing monstera type is easy to grow indoors. It needs rich, airy, well-draining soil.

23. Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Botanical Name- Passiflora incarnata

Make your home interior stand out with the striking, fragrant blooms of passiflora incarnata. It does best in full sun but can handle partial shade.

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