50 Creative DIY Shoe Storage Ideas | Organization Ideas for Shoes

Looking for fancy options to display your favorite footwear? Here are some clever DIY Shoe Storage Ideas you must try!

Whether you have a small or spacious apartment, consider trying these brilliant DIY Shoe Storage Ideas. They are aesthetically pleasing, budget-friendly, and easy to build.

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DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

1. Use Tension Rods to Hang Shoes

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 1

You only need some tension rods, two parallel walls, and screws to arrange shoes for quick and easy access. It’s one of the cheapest DIY shoe storage ideas on this list.

2. DIY Grid Shoe Storage Display

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 2

Put a wire mesh near the front door to display your collection of high-heeled shoes in style. Read more here.

3. Store Shoes on Pegs

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 3

Built with pine wood boards and shaker pegs, this shoe storage solution is easy-to-make. Hop to this tutorial for the instruction.

4. Clever Shoe Storage Hack

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 4

If you want a frugal shoe storage hack, recycle plastic soda bottles. To begin this DIY, cut the top of the bottles, load them with footwear, and place them in the closet.

5. Two-Tier Shoe Storage Bench

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 5

More storage, better aesthetics, and durability are some of the major features of this two-tier shoe storage bench. Get the instructions here.

6. Cardboard Shoe Rack DIY

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 6

This tutorial teaches how to make a space-saving, sturdy shoe rack from cardboard in 30 minutes. It’s great for people who move a lot and live in less-spacious homes or college dorms.

7. DIY Shoe Hangers

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 7

If you don’t have floor space, utilize the empty wall to arrange your kicks and other footwear in order. The project is here.

8. Iron Pipe Shoe Rack Idea

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 8

Follow this detailed instructable to get a shoe storage solution with an eye-catching industrial look.

9. Ladder Shoe Shelf

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 9

This ladder shoe shelf is a stylish means for stowing shoes and other miscellaneous items without taking up much space. It’s one of the fantastic DIY shoe storage ideas.

10. Wooden Crate Shoe Stand

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 10

Gather wooden crates, caster wheels, wood stain, and other supplies to create this shoe stand. Read the details here.

11. DIY Floating Entryway Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 11

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial to create this minimalist floating shoe rack. It’s a perfect footwear storage solution for a cramped back entryway.

12. Under Bed Shoes Storage Drawer

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 12

Use empty space under the bed to solve your footwear storage problem. Follow this simple project for more info.

13. Vintage Mail Sorter Shoe Cubby

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 13

Transform a vintage mail sorter into a shoe cubby using this detailed woodworking plan. It’s a great beginner-friendly project.

14. Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Idea

This rotating lazy susan shoe rack has different height segments that efficiently store all sizes of footwear.

15. DIY Skateboard Shelves for Shoe Storage

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 14

Skateboard shelves not only give your dull space an interesting look but also lets you store numerous shoes. The DIY is here.

16. Easy and Cheap Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 15

This easy wooden footwear rack keeps your kicks on display without consuming precious floor space. Go through this instructable to learn more.

17. Bench and Baskets

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 16

Say goodbye to your shoe storage woes with the help of a wooden bench and baskets. Read the details here.

18. DIY Rolling Shoe Storage Bins

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 17

With some modifications and this DIY, you can convert crates into rolling storage bins for shoes. Place them under the mudroom bench for quick and easy access.

19. Bench With Baskets for Shoe Storage

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 18

Who doesn’t need more storage for their footwear? Assemble this DIY shoe organizer and entryway seat in one using this DIY tutorial.

20. DIY Closet Shoe Storage Trays Ideas

Make a shelf ledge with pull-out shoe trays to manage your kicks in the closet. Details are here.

21. Crown Molding Shoe Rack DIY

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 19

Do you need more space in your compact closet for stowing shoes? Check out this brilliant idea.

22. Hexagon DIY Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 20

A great addition to home decor, this stylish hexagon shoe rack is perfect for the front entry closet. Get the details from here.

23. Pallet Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 21

Made from pallets and some hardware, this rack is super affordable and space-saving. It’s one of the best DIY shoe storage ideas.

24. DIY Front Door Shoe Storage Idea

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 22

Perfect for snowy boots, this storage idea will completely change the look of your monotonous entryway.

25. Outdoor Boot Rack

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas 23

Are you looking for an outdoor boot rack idea? Look no further and follow this tutorial. Along with shoes, you can hang umbrellas and raincoats as well.

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26. Easy DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

Easy Footwear Organizer

To make this aesthetic footwear storage setup, take a look at this step-by-step project.

27. Cabinet With Hidden Shoe Storage

Footwear Cabinet DIY

This shoe cabinet is the perfect place to hide your unsightly footwear. Get the instructions from here.

28. Shoe Storage Tray

Footwear Orgaznier Tray

Create this wooden shoe tray to stow kicks and other footwear in a closet, mudroom, or entryway.

29. Drop Cloth Hanging Shoe Storage

Drop Cloth Hanging Footwear Organizer

This hanging shoe storage made from inexpensive drop cloth can be easily customized to fit all your footwear and closet space.

30. DIY Built-In Shoe Storage

DIY Built-In Footwear Holder

Check out this project to make built-in shoe storage for a split-level entryway that adds architectural interest to a room.

31. DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

Go through this tutorial to corral your sneakers, boots, and slippers with an industrial flair.

32. DIY Wall Hanging Wooden Shoe Rack

DIY Wall Hanging Wooden Shoe Rack

This shoe storage solution is made from only five pieces of wood and screws. It’s one of the most creative DIY shoe storage ideas.

33. Flat Shoe Storage Idea

Flat Shoe Storage Idea

Check out this article to create a unique footwear storage system using cloth hangers and ribbons.

34. Kids-Friendly Shoe Rack

Kids-Friendly Shoe Rack

Made from an old shoe rack and twine, this footwear organizing idea is perfect for storing kid’s shoes. The details are here.

35. Garage DIY Shoe Organizer Idea

Garage DIY Shoe Organizer Idea

Learn how to recreate this garage footwear organizer with this tutorial and woodworking skills.

36. Easy Pallet Shoe Storage

Easy Pallet Shoe Storage

All you need is an old pallet to arrange your shoes neatly. No woodworking skills and tools are needed for this project.

37. Hanging Porch Boot Rack Idea

Hanging Porch Boot Rack Idea

This DIY boot rack is excellent for farmers and homesteaders to keep their footwear dry and organized.

38. DIY Entryway Shoe Storage Bench with Cushion

DIY Entryway Shoe Storage Bench with Cushion

Tired of tripping over shoes at the front door? This DIY shoe storage bench is the perfect solution. The cushion top provides seating while you remove sneakers, and the storage bins hold plenty of pairs.

39. DIY Shoe Rack Idea for Small Spaces

DIY Shoe Rack Idea for Small Spaces

If you’re tight on space, here’s another one of the best DIY shoe storage ideas. This rack is made from wood strips and metal rods.

40. Copper Shoe Rack DIY

Copper Shoe Rack DIY

This copper shoe rack not only maximizes the storage area for footwear but also adds glam and personality to the space.

41. DIY Copper Pipe & Wood Shoe Shelf

DIY Copper Pipe & Wood Shoe Shelf

Fully functional and display-worthy, this shoe shelf is assembled from copper pipes and wood. Get the step-by-step tutorial here.

42. Vintage Shoe Storage Bin

Vintage Footwear Organizing Bin

This article has mentioned all the necessary supplies to complete this simple project. It’s one of the awesome DIY shoe storage ideas.

43. Curtain Rod Shoe Storage Idea

Curtain Rod Footwear Storage Project

Do you want an inexpensive shoe organization idea? This easy-to-understand tutorial is for you.

44. Simple Shoe Rack DIY

Simple Shoe Rack DIY

Here are the plans to build a custom footwear rack that can be customized to look like a shoebox from your favorite brand!

45. PVC Pipe DIY Shoe Organizer Idea

PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer

Affordable, easy to use, and functional, this PVC pipe shoe organizer is what you need to build this weekend.

46. Vertical Shoe Rack Idea

Vertical Shoe Rack Idea

Check out the instructable to put together this peculiar footwear rack without any professional help.

47. Cardboard Box Shoe Rack

Cardboard Box RackPut your creative hat on and turn a few cardboard boxes into a shoe storage station. Read the details here.

48. DIY Mid-Century Modern Shoe Rack

DIY Mid-Century Modern Shoe Cabinet

Build this stylish, mid-century modern shoe rack to display your kicks cleverly. You can customize this piece to create the perfect accent for your entryway.

49. Scrap Wood DIY Shoe Cabinet

Scrap Wood Cabinet

Build this DIY shoe cabinet from scrap melamine pieces and say goodbye to your footwear storage woes.

50. Wooden Dowel and Copper Shoe Storage Solution

Wooden Dowel and Copper Shoe Storage Solution

Instead of purchasing a shoe organizer, make this amazing one with copper bling. It’s one of the amazing DIY shoe storage ideas. Learn more here.

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