22 Creative Wooden Cable Spool Ideas | Wire Spool Ideas

From see-saws, wall art, and furniture to planters, there are plenty of Wooden Cable Spool Ideas that are listed below!

Take inspiration from these creative Wooden Cable Spool Ideas to build some functional yet decorative items for your home and garden. They are affordable and easy to make.

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Wooden Cable Spool Ideas

1. Mirrored Round Coffee Table Using a Wire Spool

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to build a stunning mirrored round coffee table using a wire spool. This furniture will definitely attract a lot of eyeballs.

2. DIY Cable Spool Headboard

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 1

Are you looking for a cheap headboard DIY? Take inspiration from this detailed article. It’s one of the best wooden cable spool ideas.

3. Spool Coffee Table With Wheels

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 2

In this article, the DIYer transforms a wooden spool into a coffee table featuring caster wheels. It’s an excellent project for this weekend.

4. Cable Spool Bookcase DIY

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 3

Looking for a unique bookcase for your home? This spool bookcase idea is for you.

5. Upcycled Cable Spool Ottoman With Storage

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 4

Combine the extra pieces of a spool with scrap plywood and an old outdoor pillow to build this awesome ottoman. Read more here.

6. Cable Spool Pallet Bench

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 5

Follow this instructable to assemble a pallet bench –  the most awesome furniture to grace a patio.

7. DIY Rustic Wooden Spool Table

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 6

Adorned with ceiling tiles, this eye-catching spool table adds a rustic touch to the space. The details are here.

8. BBQ Table

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 7

Instead of purchasing a bbq table, create one using a wooden spool and this tutorial. It’s an affordable alternative to the commercial barbecue table.

9. Cable Drum Rocking Chair DIY

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 8

Give your patio an attention-grabbing conversation piece by converting a wooden cable drum into a rocking chair.

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10. Farmhouse Style Cable Spool Table

Farmhouse Style Cable Spool Table

Make this distressed-looking, farmhouse-style table out of a cable spool to amp up the look and feel of your monotonous home decor.

11. DIY Fire Pit Table

This table features a fire pit and hideaway storage area to store a propane tank and other items.

12. Cable Spool Picnic Table

This video tutorial teaches the easiest way to build an affordable picnic table using a cable spool.

13. Star Trek-themed Wire Spool Pub Table

If you are an avid fan of ‘Star Trek,’ you’ll love this wire spool pub table idea. It’s a laborious project but worth the effort.

14. Cable Spool Turned Upholstered Stool

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 10

Grab a spool, wood sticks, cardboard, foam, an electric knife, quilt batting, muslin cover, and turquoise fabric to make this upholstered stool.

15. Garden Planter From Old Cable Drum

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 11

Show off your DIYing skills by making this unique cable spool planter. Hop to this article for the instructions.

16. DIY Cable Spool Duck House

Wooden Cable Spool Ideas 12

Do you want a large and spacious house for your ducks? Then this cable spool duck house just might be the one you are looking for.

17. Spool Wall Art

Spool Wall Art

Give your home decor an attractive focal point by converting a wire reel into wall art. Get the instructions here.

18. DIY Spool Teeter Totter

Here’s the video tutorial to build an inexpensive and fun teeter-totter for your kiddos. It’s one of the most amazing DIY wooden cable spool ideas on this list.

19. DIY Wood Cable Reel Race Car Track

DIY Wood Cable Reel Race Car Track

With some modifications, supplies, and patience, you can easily build a race car track from a wooden cable reel.

20. DIY Rustic Wood Spool Clock

DIY Rustic Wood Spool Clock

Apart from being an excellent add-on to a living room decor, this functional, rustic spool clock is a great gift for special occasions.

21. Kid’s See-Saw from Cable Spool

Kid's See-Saw from Cable Spool

Check out this fantastic idea for repurposing a cable spool into a fun see-saw. Your children will love this concept.

22. Spinning Table From A Discarded Cable Reel

Need a table but want to display some plants or books too? Consider this spinning storage table made from a discarded cable reel.

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