DIY Dawn Hand Scrub For Soft Hands

Fed up with rough hands even after applying moisturizer? This DIY Dawn Hand Scrub is a natural solution to your problem!

DIY Dawn Hand Scrub

While moisturizing your hands daily is an important part of the beauty and self-care regime, it does not just end at moisturization. Scrubbers are important to exfoliate the dry cell build-up on the skin to help the moisturizer penetrate better into the skin. It also plays a vital role in your personal hygiene, barring bacteria or fungi from settling down. This DIY Dawn Hand Scrub will clean your hands, leaving them smoother and softer.

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DIY Dawn Hand Scrub

Homemade scrub

Requirements for Making DIY Dawn Hand Scrub

  1. A container
  2. Dawn Dishwashing Soap
  3. Sugar


  1. Take a jar or a medium-sized container and fill it ¾ with sugar. 
  2. Add dawn dishwashing liquid and fill it to the container’s rim; mix the two slowly. Make sure that you don’t end up adding too much of it. A consistency similar to peanut butter is what you require.
  3. An important thing to remember is that too much or too little sugar will not affect the results of your scrub. Whether it’s too grainy or too smooth doesn’t matter, it will anyway give you great results. 
  4. As soon as the sugar scrub recipe with dawn is made, cover it with a lid, and your scrub is ready to use.
  5. Whenever you use this scrub, be sure to rinse your hands afterward. This will not leave any sticky residue on your hands.
  6. Before using this DIY dawn hand scrub, a quick stirring is necessary, as the ingredients tend to separate if left for a long time.

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How To Use The DIY Dawn Hand Scrub

Whenever required, take a spoonful of this DIY dawn hand scrub in your hands and rub it gently for a minute. Rinse your hands thoroughly.

The sugar crystals will exfoliate the dead cells, while the oil content of the dawn dishwasher will moisturize your hands. You can also use this homemade hand scrub with dawn to exfoliate your feet, knee, and dry elbows.

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Bonus Tip

This straightforward 10-minutes sugar hand scrub recipe with dawn will work wonders on your hands. You can boost the effectiveness of this diy dawn hand scrub by adding coffee, aloe vera, jojoba oil, or other natural ingredients. A combination of essential oils can give the scrub a pleasant smell.

This beneficial DIY dawn hand scrub can also be used as a present to your near and dear ones. Decorate a jar using ribbon, stickers, flowers, or anything ornamental. These can make a perfect Christmas gift. 

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