15 DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas | How to Make a Scarecrow

Are you sick of birds visiting your yard? Try these DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas and keep them from invading your place!

Whether you’ve got a bird problem or want to decorate your outdoor space for festivities, a scarecrow is a perfect choice. Take inspiration from these DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas to make one for yourself.

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DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas

1. Simple Scarecrow DIY

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 1

Build a simple scarecrow using wooden garden stakes, old clothes, shoes, and a hammer to frighten unwanted critters from your garden. Read more here.

2. Funky Garden Scarecrow

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 2

This funky, not-so-scary scarecrow is super easy-to-make and a fun project to do with the kiddos. Check out the instructions here.

3. DIY Scarecrow for Fall

You only need two pieces of wood, a saw, screws, a drill, a foam pumpkin, clothes, and this DIY to create a scarecrow for fall.

4. Life-Sized Scarecrow With Stand

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 3

Here’s the tutorial to build a lightweight yet durable scarecrow that’ll protect your garden crops from birds.

5. DIY Dancing Garden Scarecrow

Put your creative hat on and recreate this dancing scarecrow using this step-by-step tutorial. It’s one of the best DIY garden scarecrow ideas on this list.

6. Giant Halloween Pumpkin Scarecrow

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 4

This Halloween, build a giant pumpkin scarecrow in your yard to ensure a hair-raising experience for your guests. Hop to this article to learn more.

7. Balloon and Burlap Scarecrow

In this article, the DIYer shows how you can make a scarecrow using old clothes, wood, bubble wrap, ballon, burlap, rubber bands, and buttons.

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8. Under $25 Garden Scarecrow

Watch this detailed video tutorial to make a pumpkin-headed scarecrow for under $25. It’s a budget-friendly project and will last year after year.

9. Mop Scarecrow DIY

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 5

Gather fence posts, wire, plastic or metal coffee cans, strip mop end, clothes, and other supplies to complete this scarecrow project.

10. Tin Can Scarecrow

Give your yard a quirky feature by recreating this peculiar scarecrow using tin cans. The details are here.

11. DIY Garden Maiden Scarecrow

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 6

Basic tools, supplies, and limited carpentry skills are all you need to build this fun garden accent. Learn more here.

12. DIY Garden Scarecrow Idea

Amp up the aesthetic appeal of your garden by introducing this scarecrow. Learn how to make one here.

13. Cute Garden Scarecrow

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 7

Show off your DIYing skills by creating this cute scarecrow for your garden space. Get instructions here.

14. Easy Outdoor Scarecrow

Mimic this inexpensive and easy-to-prepare scarecrow with this tutorial. It’s one of the easiest DIY garden scarecrow ideas.

15. Funny Scarecrow

DIY Garden Scarecrow Ideas 8

If you want to build a less creepy and more funny scarecrow, check out the Instructables.

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