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Keep reading this informative article about sea moss benefits for skin to get a better idea of what you could expect from this well-known superfood!

Sea Moss Benefits for Skin1

Sea moss is an edible seaweed with a myriad of health advantages to offer. It’s used in numerous haircare and skincare products. Furthermore, sea moss is an excellent alternative to store-bought thickening agents for soup, juices, smoothies, sauces, and even more. As this intimidating superfood has 15 out of 18 essential vitamins and minerals, everyone starts to believe sea moss benefits for skin are numerous. To find out if it’s true or not, read this article till the end.

Sea moss is also popular by the following names:

  • Irish moss
  • Irish sea moss
  • Chondrus crispus
  • Carrageen moss

Why Is Sea Moss Good for Your Skin?

Sea moss is a skincare powerhouse because of its richness in protein, fatty acids, B-vitamins, vitamin C, E, B6, K, and other innumerable nutrients that make up the human body. Besides, it carries large amounts of antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties that balance the skin microbiome. To reap its alleged skin-healing and lifesaving nutrients, either apply its gel directly on your skin or eat it regularly.

Sea Moss Benefits for Skin

1. Moisturizes Dry Skin

Moisturizes Dry Skin

Carrageen moss is an impeccable natural moisturizer because of its richness in crucial fatty acids, vitamin A, C, E, and K. To make your dry and dull skin beautiful, glowy, soft, and supple, use sea moss topically on a daily basis. Besides, moss is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog skin pores. It’s suitable for all skin types.

2. Reduces Wrinkles

According to this source, Irish moss’ topical usage can fade wrinkles up to some extent. This seaweed effectively manages the look of wrinkles because of its vitamin C content that improves skin elasticity by increasing collagen production in the skin.

3. Helps in Eczema and Psoriasis

Sea Moss Benefits for Skin2

Irish moss is an ideal home remedy to manage the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Thanks to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, along with lots of essential micronutrients, and fatty acids, the gel of Chondrus crispus can provide relief from these painful skin disorders quite effectively. However, this natural product works only against the mild form of psoriasis and eczema. You should consult your physician before using sea moss on the infected skin.

4. Loaded with Antioxidants

Thanks to its richness in flavonoids, phenolic, and tannins like anti-oxidants, Irish moss defend the skin’s surface from oxidative damage induced by the rogue free radicals, thereby lessens the risk of skin-related disorders. These anti-oxidants prevent other health problems as well.

5. Reduces Acne

Reduces Acne

Sea moss is said to have antimicrobial properties that can eliminate the acne-causing bacteria named ‘Propionibacterium,’ thereby gives you relief from the mild form of acne. Add fresh Irish moss gel to your daily skincare regime to get astounding results.

6. Sea Moss for Yeast Infection

Irish moss is a go-to remedy to get complete relief from candidiasis of the skin (a yeast infection). Its anti-microbial properties eliminate ‘Candida,’ the fungi responsible for yeast infection. Simply apply its gel to the infected body part and clean it after 20-25 minutes. Make sure to dry the area thoroughly. You’ll get positive results within a week or two.

7. Soothes Minor Cuts


Topical application of pure Chondrus crispus gel soothes minor cuts and scratches. It’s effective because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties. However, if you have open wounds on your skin, then avoid its usage.

8. Has Antiaging Properties

As per this authoritative source, Irish moss has anti-aging properties that fight against the signs of premature skin aging. That’s why its gel is a popular ingredient in many cosmetic formulations. However, along with sea moss, living a healthy lifestyle also plays a crucial role in the prevention of skin aging.

Fun Fact:- Sea moss can also induce poop due to its high dietary fiber content.

What Skin Types Can Use Sea Moss?

Although Chondrus crispus is completely safe for all skin types, consulting a dermatologist is strongly advocated, or atleast do a patch test on an inconspicuous spot of a body part. People with sensitive skin types are urged to not use this seaweed at all costs to avoid mishaps.

How to Identify Real Sea Moss?

Sea moss comes has two variations in the market, i.e., wildcrafted (real) and pool-grown (fake). The wildcrafted sea moss is the naturally occurring alga, that is harvested in the wild in its natural habitat. While the pool-grown one is mass-produced by the manufacturers in their large factory tanks using man-made techniques. The wildcrafted one has all the nutrients, whereas the fake one has little or less nutritional value that’s why always opt for wildcrafted Irish moss for preparing the versatile gel. If you don’t know how to differentiate between the real and pool-grown sea moss, watch this helpful video to clear your doubts.

Homemade Sea Moss Gel Recipe

Sea Moss Benefits for Skin3

Make skin-enriching sea moss gel quickly and cheaply at home with the below recipe. Always use fresh moss gel to gain amazing skin benefits.

What You’ll Need

  • One Cup of Dried Sea Moss
  • Two Cups of Water
  • A Mixing Bowl
  • Glass Jar with a Lid
  • Blender


  1. Begin by cleaning store-bought dried sea moss with water to get rid of dirt.
  2. Next, saturate the Irish moss in a bowl filled with water for 7-8 hours.
  3. After that, throw the water and chop the white and viscous moss into small pieces.
  4. Once it’s done, add the pieces to a cup of water into a blender and run it to get a lump-free paste.
  5. Then, pour the mix into a sealable glass jar and put it in the fridge to get the gel-like texture.
  6. The Chondrus crispus gel lasts for one month in the fridge and 2-3 months in the freezer.

How to Use Sea Moss Gel for Skin?

To obtain the fantastic skin benefits of Irish moss, spread a sufficient amount of this gel all over your face and wait for an hour or so. Once it dries, clean your face with water, followed by a skin moisturizer. Repeat this skincare hack daily for up to 2-3 months to see positive outcomes. In fact, you can also ingest this miraculous seaweed with homemade drinks. However, limit its consumption to 1-2 tbsps a day.

Important Notes

  • Pregnant and/or lactating women must ignore the consumption of Chondrus crispus gel.
  • If you have any skin-related disorder, talk to your dermatologist before using sea moss topically.

Is It Safe to Make Your Own Sea Moss Gel?

Preparing sea moss gel at home is completely safe and worth trying. This way, you can get an unending supply of natural, chemical-free moss gel all year round. Plus, DIYing this gel saves your time and a few bucks as well. However, always purchase good-quality organic dried Irish moss for topical and oral consumption. Remember to make its gel in small batches to avoid its wastage.


With innumerable benefits of sea moss for skin, it’s the go-to product to rejuvenate dry and dull skin. However, stop its application right away if you notice any adverse effects and contact your dermatologist promptly. Besides, sea moss has some impressive benefits for hair as well. Let us know your thoughts and queries regarding this article by commenting below.

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