There’s just something to be said about little miniature houses. No matter the size, shape or color, they feel so cute and festive! You might remember myModern Christmas Village. Well, I decided to go with that theme and add a few more to our decor, but these ones can stay out year round! 


  • Plywood
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Table Saw (not shown)
  • Sander
  • Tape
  • Spray Paint


Begin by measuring out the shape of your house in any style you please. Using your table saw, cut out your house. Lightly sand and wipe clean.

Tape off a section of your house and cover. With the exposed side, spray one layer at a time making sure to allow each layer to dry completely in between. Slowly remove tape. You can also spray paint your house a solid color with no pattern, it’s completely up to you!

I love the simplicity of these. Since we are on a huge black and white kick, we opted for those colors. But this project would look great with any color or shade you choose! I am definitely going to be leaving these up year round.