Geo Painted DIY Planter

It’s no secret, I’m obsessed with blue! Love it – can’t get enough of it. And what better way to introduce any pop of color into your home with a simple Geo Painted DIY Planter. 

Geo Painted DIY Planter



Spray Paint (any color)



Geo Painted DIY Planter

Simply tape a pattern onto your vase. Spray paint your vase. Let dry in between coats. Continue to spray until you have the desired color. 

Geo Painted DIY Planter

When paint has completely dried, carefully peel your tape off. Don’t worry if the paint bleeds through a little, it happens sometimes. You can wipe with a magic marker or damp cloth. 

Geo Painted DIY Planter

Display your flower arrangement or plant and enjoy! 

Geo Painted DIY Planter

I love the look – it’s playful and modern! This little guy is for a special friend of mine! I’ve promised her a plant for a long time! I hope she likes it! 

XOXO, Lidy

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