Revamped IKEA Organizer

I’ve had this organizer for as long as I can remember! As we are packing, I was debating about just giving it away, but it’s really great for storage. So, I decided to revamp it a little with this super simple DIY!


  • Organizer (mine is a few years old from IKEA)
  • Tape
  • Spray Paint (in any color)



Simply tape your design.


Spray paint the front of the drawers or entire organizer – it’s completely up to you! Let dry in between coats and paint again until you have the desired color you are looking for.


After the paint has completely dried, slowly peel the tape.


Display your new and improved organizer!


I love the simple transformation. I also love how you can still see the wood grain through the black spray paint. It gives it some great texture!

Now I just need to find a place for this little guy in my little office space in the new house! I can’t wait to share more fun DIYs and design ideas once we move into our new home – stay tuned! Only a couple more weeks until we hit the road and make the long journey to Canada.

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