Simple Fall Bouquet

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about plants or flowers. Other than some of them smell really good and look very pretty. I decided it was high time to learn a few things here and there while I play around with making pretty (but simple) bouquets! 

Simple Fall Bouquet

This weekend, my family and I walked around a market and I spotted a lovely little flower shop with a small selection of flowers. I wanted to make a very simple and modern bouquet for our home and decided to just grab a few that I thought looked pretty together. I basically winged it.

Simple Fall Bouquet

I absolutely love greenery – I sometimes think they are a bit underrated at times. I wanted to design a bouquet that was completely opposite what you would usually see. I really loved the idea of mostly green with just a pop of color. And I have to be honest, it was refreshing! Here is what I used in my Simple Fall Bouquet:

Simple Fall Bouquet

1. Ruscus: a low evergreen Eurasian shrub, with flat shoots and stiff spine-tipped leaves. These also have medicinal benefits as well! 

2. Yarrow: a very general occurring plant in the wild and is also considered a herb. So next time you’re out hiking, keep a look out! 

3. Myrtle: also an evergreen shrub or small tree with aromatic leaves – these truly have a lovely and refreshing scent. We actually use to have a lot of these trees in our neighborhood back in California. A little piece of our past I suppose! 

Simple Fall Bouquet

Sometimes it can be quite fun putting together your own little bouquet for home. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you can learn a lot! What do you think of this simple bouquet?

XOXO, Lidy

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