27 Fun Homemade DIY Fidget Toys You Can Make at Home

Build these fun Homemade DIY Fidget Toys to make your restless kids engaged, concentrated, and stress-free!

Fidget toys are a cool option to keep your kid’s health on track. If you wish to make some, check out these Homemade DIY Fidget Toys.

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Homemade DIY Fidget Toys

1. Endless DIY Lego Fidget Cube

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 1

Here’s the tutorial to create an endless cube fidget toy using legos. Your kid will love this fantastic toy.

2. DIY Emoji Squishy Stress Balls

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 2

These trendy emoji squishy balls filled with slime are ideal stress busters for children and adults alike. Choose your favorite emoji and hop to this tutorial.

3. Homemade Fidget Putty DIY

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 3

Does your child love to knead things? This homemade fidget putty loaded with slimy goodness is the perfect fit.

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4. TikTok Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 4

Watch this video to recreate the TikTok-inspired infinity fidget toy for your little champ. It’s one of the cutest homemade DIY fidget toys.

5. Fidget Paper Clip

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 5

Collect some paper clips and perler beads to put together this fidget paper clip toy. Read the details here.

6. DIY Flour Stress Ball

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 6

Next time, when you want to get rid of stress, make this stress ball with a balloon, flour, and super glue.

7. DIY Watermelon Squishy Toy

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 7

Squeeze the stress far away by making this entertaining watermelon squishy toy using this instructive tutorial.

8. Wooden Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 8

With some patience and precision, you can create this addictive wooden infinity cube fidget toy. It’s one of the best homemade DIY fidget toys on this list.

9. Popsicle Stick Fidget Spinner

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 9

If you’re looking for an inexpensive fidget spinner toy that can be made at home, this popsicle stick fidget spinner is for you.

10. Soda Tab Fidget Toy

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 10

DIY this fidget toy from soda can tabs, keyring, and nail polish (optional) to boost your kids’ concentration.

11. DIY Fidget Bracelet with Built-in Marble Maze

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 10

This fidget bracelet with a built-in marble maze is another fun fidget toy to keep your restless kid entertained.

12. DIY Fabric Marble Maze

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 11

Use your sewing skills to DIY this fabric marble maze. It’s easy to carry and makes for an excellent gift.

13. Pencil Topper Fidget Toy

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 12

Learn how to make fidget toys with ordinary pencils in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

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14. DIY Fidget Stick

This beginner-friendly DIY fidget stick will be a unique addition to your kid’s toy collection.

15. Bead Snakes

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 13

Colorful pony beads, cord or string, keychain rings, and large eye blunt needles are all you need to make these beaded snakes.

16. Chair Fidget Out of Old T-Shirts

Fidget bands reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calmness among kids with fidgety feet and hyperactivity. Make one for your kiddo by watching the tutorial.

17. LEGO Fidget Spinner

Homemade DIY Fidget Toys 14

Have you ever heard about the LEGO fidget spinner? If not, read this article to assemble one for your kiddo and yourself.

18. Glass Pebble Stress Ball

Glass Pebble Stress Ball

A thick transparent balloon filled with decorative glass stones makes for an amazing anti-stress ball. The instructions are here.

19. Rings and Chain Fidget

Rings and Chain Fidget

Follow this instructable to make a fidget toy with a bike chain and a few other essentials. It’s one of the easiest homemade DIY fidget toys.

20. DIY Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

DIY Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

Potterheads are going to love this wonderful golden snitch fidget spinner. Hop to this step-by-step tutorial for more info.

21. Cord and Nut Fidget Toy

Cord and Nut Toy

Insert a paracord through the metal nuts and tie knots on both ends to build this fidget toy.

22. Soda Bottle Top Fidget Toy

Soda Bottle Top Fidget Toy

This is a unique, calming fidget spinner made from soda bottle tops, wooden discs, a glass marble, and some tiny parts.

23. Nuts and Bolts Fidget Spinner

Nuts and Bolts Fidget Spinner

In this article, the DIYer turned a bad bearing into a decent fidget spinner with nuts and bolts. The end result is quite astonishing.

24. Nutty Fidget Spinner

Nutty Fidget Spinner

To recreate this fidget spinner toy, you’ll need nuts, bots, a piece of plastic, and a bearing. You can customize this toy as per your requirements.

25. Ninja Fidget Spinner DIY

Ninja Fidget Spinner DIY

This fidget spinner is one of the best homemade DIY fidget toys on this list. Craft one for your kiddo using these instructions.

26. DIY LED Fidget Spinner

DIY LED Fidget Spinner

With a wooden structure and LEDs, this fun and visually stunning toy changes colors with every spin. Put your creative hat on, and check out this tutorial.

27. DIY Marble Fidget Spinner

DIY Marble Fidget Spinner

Look at this easy-to-follow visual tutorial to create a fidget spinner adorned with marbles. It’s one of the fantastic homemade DIY fidget toys.

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