35 Creative Light Bulb Crafts Ideas

Instead of throwing the burned-out bulbs, try these Light Bulb Crafts Ideas to DIY decor-worthy stuff out of them!

These creative Light Bulb Crafts Ideas not only help you save the environment but also gives useful and eye-catching stuff in return.

Here are some DIY ceiling light ideas

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas

1. DIY Light Bulb Vase

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 1

Replace your regular vases with these snazzy ones made from old light bulbs, floral wire, and wooden dowels. Read more here.

2. DIY Light Bulb Bugs

Watch this video to make bugs out of light bulbs. They are perfect as a mantel or coffee table display.

3. Valentine’s Day Light Bulb Gift

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 2

All you need is a light bulb, a wooden block, glue, red wire, and paint to whip up this romantic gift for your valentine.

4. Light Bulb Snowman

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 3

Recreate this adorable, Pinterest-worthy snowman from a light bulb, a few supplies, and this DIY. It’s one of the most amazing light bulb crafts ideas on this list.

5. Twine Light Bulb Pears

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 4

Take some light bulbs, prettify them with twine, and small twigs to create pretty centerpieces. The details are here.

6. DIY Christmas Light Bulb Garland

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 5

Rather than tossing dead Christmas bulbs, make a festive garland out of them using this tutorial. Either hang it on the mantel, Christmas tree, or garden gate.

7. Light Bulb Snow Globe

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 6

With a few simple supplies and creativity, you can easily put together an attractive light bulb snow globe to complement your holiday decor. It’s one of the incredible light bulb crafts ideas.

8. Eternal Light Bulb Terrarium

This eternal light bulb terrarium is a budget-friendly present for birthdays and special occasions. People with green thumbs will love this idea.

9. Bird from a Bulb


Check out this video to make a cute white pigeon from a bulb, glue, cotton, and other supplies.

10. Marbled Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 7

If you want a focal point for your yard, these colorful marbled light bulbs are the right choice. Instructions are here.

11. Light Bulb Snoopy Ornament

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 8

This snoopy-themed ornament makes the Christmas tree interesting and attracts lots of praise from guests.

12. Light Bulb Ocean Diorama

Display your crafting skills by DIYing an eye-catching ocean diorama inside a light bulb with this easy-to-do video tutorial.

13. DIY Light Bulb Lamp

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 9

Follow this instructable to DIY a functional lamp from a burnt-out light bulb. It’s one of the best light bulb craft ideas to try this weekend.

14. Chalkboard Light ‘Bulbles’

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 10

Apply chalkboard paint on light bulbs, tie ribbons, wrap twine, and write ‘Joy’ with a marker pen to get elegant X-mas tree ornaments.

15. DIY Santa Claus

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 11

Here’s the tutorial to convert an old spiral bulb into an adorable Santa Claus to amp up your home holiday decor.

16. Cat in a Hat

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 12

Perfect for a birthday party and festive decor, this Dr. Seuss-inspired cat with a hat craft is a kid-friendly project.

17. DIY Light Bulb Grinch Ornament

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 13

No need to buy Christmas tree ornaments, when you can make a grinch-themed one at home with this tutorial.

18. Funny Faces

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 14

This fun light bulb craft is kids-centric, and they will surely love this craft. However, monitor their every move during this project.

19. Light Bulb Penguin

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 15

Turning a non-functional light bulb into a pretty penguin holiday ornament is another creative upcycling craft. It’s one of the fantastic light bulb crafts ideas.

20. Decoupaged Christmas Bulbs

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 16

Making decoupaged decoratives is a great way to recycle old light bulbs and follow the go-green concept. The DIY is here.

21. Light Bulb Hot Air Balloon

Learn how to make a snazzy hot air balloon ornament from old light bulbs. The rhinestones make the ornament a striking display specimen.

22. A Witch Face

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 17

If you’re planning a witch theme Halloween decor, include this lightbulb witch face for a spooktacular effect.

23. Potion Bottles

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 18

Take your Halloween decor game to the next level by making potion bottles from flood light bulbs. These bottles will surely attract a lot of eyeballs.

24. Light Bulbs Centerpiece

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 19

To make this conversation-starting centerpiece, attach different-sized light bulbs with hot glue to form a star-like shape.

25. Recycled Light Bulb Jack-O-Lanterns

Light Bulb Crafts Ideas 20

Got bored of the regular pumpkin jack-o-lanterns? Use light bulbs to create some unique jack-o-lanterns using this tutorial. It’s one of the wonderful light bulb crafts ideas.

26. Light Bulb Angel Ornament

Lightbulb Angel Ornament

Surprise your little princess by gifting her this cute angel made from a burnt-out light bulb. Read more here.

27. Gold Glitter Light Bulb


Are you looking for a sparkling display piece on a budget? This gold glittered light bulb fits the bill. It’s ideal for everyday or holiday decor.

28. DIY Reindeer Ornament

DIY Reindeer Ornament

Get crafty and make this charming reindeer ornament out of a light bulb to display on the Christmas tree.

29. Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

This DIYer shows how to transform a regular light bulb into an easter bunny. It makes for a great gift too.

30. Vintage Light Bulb Wreath

Unique Wreath DIY

Gather small light bulbs, hot glue, and a foam wreath form to DIY this Instagram-worthy vintage lightbulb wreath for the mantel space.

31. Old X-mas Light Bulb Earrings

Old X-mas Light Bulb Earrings

Show how crafty you’re by DIYing earrings from old or new Christmas light bulbs. The tutorial is here.

32. Light Bulbs Chandelier

Chandelier DIY

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a chandelier for your space, don’t spoil your mood and take a look at this light bulb chandelier DIY.

33. Building Ship in a Light Bulb

Make your kids learn the art of building a ship inside a light bulb with the help of this video.

34. Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook

Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook

Swap your existing hook with this industrial-themed concrete lightbulb wall hook to hang your coats and hats. Instructions are here.

35. DIY Hourglass from Bulbs

Recreate this fun hourglass with your kiddos using light bulbs and cardboard. Display it on the bookshelf or mantel. It’s one of the awesome light bulb crafts ideas.

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