Sewing notions display art
I found this diy project and thought it was really cute! Plus, I’m up for anything funky and unique. I have a lot of left over fabric and buttons from past projects that seem to be collecting dust these days. So, a project like this was perfect for just that. In our living room on our wall we have 3 generic Ikea pictures of Paris. At the time, I loved them and we enjoyed them. Now, it seems like you could find those 3 exact pictures in every other persons home. I wanted something that you can’t just find in a store, I wanted something that was different. And the only way you’re gonna get something different is if you put effort into it. So, here it is! Hope you feel inspired to find the courage to work on a project that will leave your home feeling fun, fresh and a bit quirky!

Materials & Tools:
8ร—10 Frames (glass removed)
Printer & Ink
Needle & Thread or thin wire
Cutting mat & ruler
Scotch- Tape

Swatches of materials/ notions

Step 1: Print Templates onto 8.5ร—11 card stock (color of your choice). Using x-acto and cutting mat- cut print-out to size.

Step 2: For the ribbon swatches, use x-acto to cut two opposing sides of each diamond skipping every other row of diamonds. I also sliced the diamonds in alternating directions for more variety in texture.

For the button chart, find & mark center of circles, then poke holes using your needle, where button attaches.

Step 3: Slide ribbons into slots, and sew buttons into place. You may need to tape the underside of the charts to keep the ribbons and buttons from slipping.

Step 4: Remove the back of frame. Safely remove glass (discard glass or save for a future project) and other contents from frame. Insert your charts, and then replace original fillers that came with the frame, you may need use a piece of cardboard cut to size as extra filler. Replace back of frame.

Step 5: Hang your Notions Artwork/ Display on an empty spot on your wall!!



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