30 Creative Crafts From Milk Jugs | Ways to Reuse Milk Jugs

Check out these amazing Crafts From Milk Jugs and transform those plastic containers into beautiful and functional pieces!

Wondering what to do with the pile of empty milk jugs? Simply turn that trash into unique masterpieces with these Milk Jugs Crafts. These ideas help you learn some of the best ways to reuse milk jugs.

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Crafts From Milk Jugs

1. Milk Jug Face Planter

Crafts From Milk Jugs 1

Grab an empty milk jug, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, scissors, and some other tools to craft this quirky face planter.

2. Outdoor Chandelier from Milk Jugs

Crafts From Milk Jugs 2

In this project, 14 milk jugs are attached to a hula hoop and wired with holiday lights. The instructions are here.

3. Self Watering Milk Jug Planter

Crafts From Milk Jugs 3

Yes! You can make this amazing self-watering planter using just the milk jugs. Get the instructions here.

4. DIY Milk Jug Lunch Box

Crafts From Milk Jugs 4

Replace your kid’s boring lunch box with this unique one made from a milk jug. Check out this article for more info.

5. Milk Jug Piggy Bank

Crafts From Milk Jugs 5

Repurpose a gallon-sized milk jug to make this cute piggy bank. Your kids will love saving money by dropping coins into the slot.

6. Recycled Milk Jug Ghost Luminaries

Crafts From Milk Jugs 6

Make your outdoor Halloween decor eerier with these illuminated milk jug ghost luminaries. The tutorial is here.

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7. Milk Jug Shovel

Crafts From Milk Jugs 7

Check out this article to create an inexpensive shovel out of a milk jug. It’s one of the best crafts from milk jugs.

8. Totem Pole From Milk Bottle

Crafts From Milk Jugs 8

Give your lawn an eye-catching focal point by creating this totem pole out of discarded plastic milk jugs. This is a great family project for spring or summer.

9. Easter Bunny from Milk Jug

Crafts From Milk Jugs 9

Here’s a fun bunny craft to do with your kiddos this easter. Your little ones will love this idea.

10. Milk Bottle Watering Can

Crafts From Milk Jugs 10

Craft a watering can from a plastic milk jug – perfect for the younger gardeners. The project is here.

11. Milk Jug Bird Feeder

Crafts From Milk Jugs 11

To recreate this bird feeder, you need a clean milk jug, dowels, some string, an exacto-knife, and scissors. It’s an excellent alternative to store-bought feeders.

12. Elephant Lanterns

Crafts From Milk Jugs 12

Light up your space with these colorful elephant-shaped lanterns. They are made from plastic milk jugs and some patience.

13. DIY Milk Jug Owl

Add pizzazz to your patio or garden with these cool owls made from milk jugs. It’s a brilliant craft to do with kids.

14. Milk Jug Witch

Crafts From Milk Jugs 14

This milk jug witch idea is an excellent way to create an outdoor Halloween decoration on a budget. It’s one of the most amazing crafts from milk jugs. Read the details here.

15. DIY Milk Jug Snowmen Craft

Crafts From Milk Jugs 15

Looking for a fun indoor winter craft to make with the kids this season? Consider creating these snowmen out of milk jugs. Click here for instructions.

16. Milk Jug Skeletons

Crafts From Milk Jugs 16

A skeleton made from old milk jugs is one decoration that is both easy on the wallet and frightfully festive.

17. Art Supply Organizer

Crafts From Milk Jugs 17

This milk jug art bin is a great way to keep your paintbrushes, colors, and other art supplies in one place.

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18. Milk Jug Fairy House

Crafts From Milk Jugs 18

Craft this adorable fairy house for your little princess using milk jugs, Sharpies, artificial flowers, and other supplies.

19. Milk Jug Storage Containers

Crafts From Milk Jugs 19

Maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen, pantry, or craft room with this nifty craft. It’s one of the brilliant crafts from milk jugs.

20. DIY Windsock

Crafts From Milk Jugs 20

Craft a colorful windsock quickly, easily, and cheaply with a milk jug and this tutorial. Not to mention, it’s a kid-friendly craft.

21. Milk Jug Mini Greenhouse

Milk Jug Mini Greenhouse

Learn how to transform a milk jug into a mini greenhouse for sowing seeds in this article.

22. DIY Milk Jug Catcher

DIY Milk Jug Catcher

This fun milk jug catcher is the perfect blend of craft and entertainment for kids. Make one for your kiddo with this how-to.

23. Milk Jug Waterlilies

Milk Jug Waterlilies

Showcase your DIYing skills by making attention-grabbing waterlilies out of milk jugs. They are excellent centerpieces for the patio table.

24. Whale Milk Jug Kid’s Craft

Whale Milk Jug Kid's Craft

You only need a milk jug, a scissor, a marker pen, and this article to make a bathtub toy for your little one.

25. Milk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet

Milk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet

If your kiddo is a fan of ‘Star wars,’ then he/she will love this stormtrooper helmet project. It’s one of the great crafts from milk jugs.

26. DIY Milkwaves Lampshade

DIY Milkwaves Lampshade

This quirky lampshade can be used as a pendant or floor lamp. Find out the required supplies and instructions here.

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27. Milk Jug LED Lamp

Milk Jug LED Lamp

Instead of throwing an empty milk jug in the trash can, make a stylish LED lamp out of it. Fill the jug with wine corks for added charm.

28. Recycled Milk Jug Angel Craft

Recycled Milk Jug Angel Craft

This angel is crafted from a single one-gallon milk jug, a plastic golf ball, and a white plastic bag. You can use it as a Christmas tree ornament or outdoor decor.

29. Milk Jug Piñata

Milk Jug Piñata

Make your birthday celebration more enjoyable with this milk jug pinata. Grab a milk jug, colorful tissue papers, googly eyes, and a few other supplies.

30. Jack O’ Lantern Jug

Jack O' Lantern Jug

Here’s another one of the fantastic crafts from milk jugs that uplift the spooky ambiance. The tutorial for the jack-o-lantern jug is here.

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