22 DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Here is a list of some incredible and budget-friendly DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas that will blow your mind!

Whether you want to build kitchen worktops from scratch or would like to give a quick, budget-friendly makeover to the existing ones, these DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas are for you.

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DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas

1. Concrete Worktop DIY

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 1

Give your existing worktop a modern industrial feel with this tutorial. It’s one of the best DIY kitchen countertop ideas on this list.

2. DIY Marble Kitchen Countertop With Contact Paper

Watch this video tutorial to update your dated kitchen worktop with contact paper and a little patience.

3. DIY Painted Countertops Under $40

This kitchen countertop idea proves, you only need $40 and creativity for a quick makeover, not a massive overhaul.

4. DIY Butcher Block Countertop

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 2

Learn how to DIY white oak butcher block worktops in this article and save your hard-earned money.

5. DIY White Concrete Countertops

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 3

Build this white concrete worktop to give your kitchen space a farmhouse look. Read more here.

6. Backlit / Underlit Island Countertop

Check out this video to DIY backlit/underlit island countertop, a perfect statement-making piece for the cooking space.

7. DIY Laminate Countertops

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 4

Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial that will help you remodel your existing bland worktop with laminate sheets.

8. DIY Wide Plank Butcher Block Countertops

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 5

Gather red oak boards, red oak trim pieces, plywood, angle brackets, and other supplies to put together this classy wide plank butcher block worktop.

9. Epoxy Over Laminate Counters

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 6

All you need is an epoxy, primer, and a little elbow grease to give a new lease of life to your old kitchen countertop.

10. DIY Faux Soapstone Countertop

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 7

Design a classy island countertop using plywood, chalkboard paint, and other supplies mentioned in this article.

11. DIY Penny Countertops

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 8

If you want a unique focal point for your cooking space, this penny countertop is for you, and the best part, it literally costs pennies!

12. Faux Granite Countertops

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 9

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to install granite countertops, give the existing one a granite-inspired look using a paint kit and DIYing skills.

13. Glossy Painted Kitchen Worktop Idea

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 10

Does your kitchen countertop scream for a makeover, but you can’t spend more than $150? This article is for you.

14. Granite Countertop

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas 11

This blogger shows how to install a granite worktop without any help from a professional. In this way, you can save 20%-30% of the installation cost.

15. Old Doors Turned Countertop

Old Doors Turned Kitchen Counter top

Repurpose old doors to make durable worktops for giving the kitchen a high-end look. The instructions are here.

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16. DIY Copper Kitchen Countertop

DIY Copper Kitchen Countertop

Add vintage vibes to your cooking area by DIYing this copper countertop that blends seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

17. DIY Birch Plywood Kitchen Worktops

DIY Birch Plywood Countertops

Building stylish countertops with birch plywood is inexpensive and easier. Go one step ahead and paint the cabinets white for an added charm.

18. Ceramic Tile Countertop

Ceramic Tile Countertop

Tiled countertops are an excellent and budget-friendly way to add beauty to the cooking area. The details are here.

19. Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop

Are you planning to install stainless steel kitchen countertop on your own? Then, this video is for you.

20. DIY Gold Marble Island Countertop

Learn how to update an old island worktop with gold marble peel and stick wallpapers in this video. It’s one of the most amazing DIY kitchen countertop ideas.

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21. Exotic Epoxy Island Countertop

This DIYer turned a regular wooden countertop into an eye-catching masterpiece with epoxy, LED, and a little creativity.

22. Zinc Kitchen Countertop

The zinc countertop adds a distinctive style and personality to the kitchen. Plus, its non-porous surface is ideal for food preparation.

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