How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia

Eliminating woodchuck from the house is a cumbersome task. Keep reading this detailed article to learn how to get rid of groundhogs ammonia effectively at home!

What Is a Groundhog?

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia1

Groundhog is related to the ‘Sciuridae’ group, having the binomial name ‘Marmota monax,’ which comes under one of the 14 varieties of marmots. It thrives throughout North America, Alabama, Alaska, as well as gardens, hayfields, and hedgerows. It’s capable of making tunnels under the homes and buildings, causing damage to the entire structure. Groundhog can even chew up your electrical wires as well.

The common names of groundhog are-

  • Woodchuck
  • Chuck
  • Wood-shock
  • Ground pig
  • Whistle pig
  • Whistler
  • Thickwood badger
  • Canada marmot
  • Monax
  • Moonack
  • Weenusk
  • Red monk
  • Siffleux

What Is Ammonia?

Ammonia, an uncolored gas, having a strong odor, is a combination of nitrogen & hydrogen. It’s an essential ingredient of various commercial cleaning products. However, it’s naturally present in the air, soil, water, plants, animals, and humans. Ammonia has numerous uses such as household cleaning products, fertilizer, fermentation, antimicrobial agent for food products, textile, and woodwork. Furthermore, it can be used in numerous ways all around the house as a potent home remedy. However, precautions must be taken while using an ammonia solution, as its exposure can cause several health issues.

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia?

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia2

Woodchucks are not only harmful to the garden and agriculture field crops but also weakens the building structure as well. Try the below potent remedy of ammonia to deter groundhogs simply and quickly without any extra efforts!

  • Pour a sufficient amount of ammonia on the rags or small pieces of clothes and put them around your garden.
  • This remedy deters the groundhogs in no time because of the ammonia’s pungent smell that acts like the cat urine.
  • However, always put the ammonia saturated rags on the top of something like a stone or a wood to prevent the garden soil damage.
  • Even, you can also put the ammonia saturated rags into the groundhog’s holes to keep them at bay.
  • While trying this method, always wear protective gear such as hand gloves and face masks to avoid any mishaps.
  • If the above remedy fails to work and you don’t see any positive result, then we highly recommend you to call out the professional services immediately for further assistance as the groundhogs can do severe damage to the property if they are neglected for a long time.

The above quick hack of ammonia may deter these real nuisance groundhogs in no time. As there are other techniques available to control them, but it’s recommended never to use poison as it can be dangerous for your kids and pets as well. But, if mice severely infest your house, then try this tea bags remedy to get rid of them instantly!

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