How to Get Slime Out Of Carpet The Easy Way

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Kids love to play with slime. But what if slime accidentally drops on your carpet? Read this article to learn more about How to Get Slime out of Carpet!

What is Slime?

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Slime is a sticky, gooey, and a stretchable polymer substance that’s made up of some household ingredients like Borax, liquid laundry detergent, white school glue, cornstarch, shampoo, glitter, and food coloring. This is a fun toy for kids and can be used in different science projects.

How to Get Slime out of Carpet?

Despite slime’s enchanting appearance and delightfully malleable texture, it severely damages the carpet, when dried. Here’re some remedies that you can try on your own to get slime out of the rug in no time!

1. Get Slime out of the Carpet by White Vinegar

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White vinegar is a potent home remedy to get rid of the slime. First, remove all the excess slime out of the carpet by a spoon. Pour 2/3 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1/3 cup of hot water into a spray bottle and spray this mixture on the slime. Wait for around 3-4 minutes. As white vinegar has acetic acid, it’ll dissolve the slime. Now, rub it with a scrub brush. Once it’s done, spray the area with a mist of hot water and dry the carpet with a white towel followed by a hairdryer.

You can use either bleach or carpet stainer to eliminate slime stains from the floor covering. But if you want to remove the dried slime, then repeat this process multiple times.

2. Get Slime out of the Carpet by Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an amazing household item that’ll help you to eradicate the stubborn slime from the carpet. If there’s a giant glob of slime on the rug, then gently put the excess out by a spoon. Simply pour a considerable amount of rubbing alcohol on the slime and wait for around 10-15 minutes. Now wipe out the slime with a soft-bristled brush and spray some hot water onto it. Blot the floor covering with a towel or a sponge to remove the excess moisture.

3. Use WD-40 Solution

Use WD-40 Solution

WD 40 is an excellent water displacement solution to get a slime-free carpet. Put on the gloves and apply WD-40 directly on the slime influenced floor covering and let it soak the solution for about 4-5 minutes. When slime softens, rub it with a brush, or you can use an old towel to remove it entirely. Then spray warm water onto it and use a dry white towel or cotton balls to blot it completely. Further, you can use a ‘Carpet stainer’ to remove the stain from the floor covering.

4. By Citrus Solvent

If your carpet slime is dried, then try citrus solvent. Fill an empty spray bottle with a citrus solvent and spray it all over the slime affected rug space. Wait for around 10-15 minutes. Now clean it with a tissue paper or an old white towel.

5. Try Club Soda

Try Club Soda

If the above methods did not work as expected, then try ‘Club soda,’ it’ll definitely do. It works on several water-soluble stains. Firstly, remove the surfeit of slime by a paper towel (If it’s fresh) or by a spoon (If it’s dried). Apply a generous amount of club soda on the spill and wait for around 10 minutes to let it soak the solution completely. Then scrape the slime gently by a hand brush. Now pour some hot water and blot it by using a paper towel.

6. Try Combination of Baking Soda & Vinegar

Both sodium bicarbonate and vinegar are well-known household cleaning products. First of all, scrape away the excess slime from the carpet using a spoon and run the vacuum right after. Then, fill an empty spray bottle with 2/3 cup of distilled white vinegar and 1/3 cup of hot water. Now, sprinkle a sufficient amount of baking soda on the slime and spritz the liquid as well. Wait for 5-10 minutes to let the solution do its work. Once it’s done, rub the brush for a few seconds and wipe out the slime using a paper towel. Blot the area with a wet sponge and dry it with an old cloth. Repeat the process until you see the clean and shiny carpet.


  • Before using any of the above methods, firstly try them on an inconspicuous spot of the carpet to see the side effects.
  • Always wear a face mask and hand gloves to avoid any mishap.

Getting slime out of the rug is a tough job, but the above methods will surely help you a lot. Besides this, you can try these home remedies to clean your moldy carpet.

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